The roof is the most important component of a building. It is that portion of the building that offers protection against sun and rain, without which the content of the structure would be damaged.

The performance of a roof is measured based on its life span and it's effectiveness to retain their strength, chemical and physical properties, appearance and resistance to all forms of failure.

Most roof failures occur at bolted connections that were either inadequately secured at the time of construction or that have since failed due to deterioration. Some roof designers often fail to take into account a number of design factors such as tolerance and factors of safety, and these could result in roof failure. Other factors that could cause failure in roofs are the effects of wind and fire, poor workmanship, age, poor maintenance, height of the building and the use of cheap and substandard materials.The consequences of roof failures are usually devastating to the extent that they sometimes claim lives, and valuable property and possessions can be destroyed.

The most common material used for roof trusses is wood. It is relatively cheap and readily available, and easily worked. These qualities give wood trusses an edge over iron for small- to medium-sized buildings but in larger ones such as industrial buildings, steel trusses are used to provide stability against increased wind loads due to the height of these buildings. .

Types of roofing

There are different type of roofing but the ones commonly used in Nigeia are corrugated aluminium zinc sheets, aluminium, tiles, slates  etc.

What are the differences between this you might ask, well apart from beauty, life span and durability, the major difference to roofing types is the cost, which is always the deciding factor when making a decision about what roof type you want, the cost to roof a 4 bedroom bungalow could be roughly between N200,000 to N1,300,000 dependng on the type choosen

 Aluminium Roofing

Available in different colours, has a very pleasing and distinct appearance, it's durable, has long span life, no maintenance required, it's corrosion resistant, it's not only used for Roofing but also for cladding and flashings. it's economical to building construction due to it's light weight, length are tailor made to specifications.

Roofing Tiles

Roofing tiles is another approach to metal roofing, long-span roofing tiles assure years of reliable performance and Classic appearance, a delight to behold.

Roofing tiles, are available in selected colors of choice, duly blended with the modern Architectural Trends, these are available with full complement of fixing accessories. The product is virtually maintenance free when installed.

Roofing Slate

To be continued

Corrugated Aluminium Zinc Sheets

Roofing done using corrugated iron sheets is chosen by many because it's cheaper, it's the cheapest compared to the others above but it has the disadvantage of rusting after some time but this takes years, the rust level can become so high that it looks unsightly and if it is not changed by this period, leaks start to occur.


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