Trucking Business in Nigeia

Personal Experience

Incompetency can be very costly :I  have some Trucks in Nigeria, transportation business can be very trickish if you're abroad, if not careful (luckily for me, it's been mostly good news)all you'll keep getting is one story or the other about repair and no money.

Recently, well this was just last week(January), one of the trucks (Daf 1900) had engine problem, the main problem suspected was the radiator, but the mechanic called to repair it actually insisted it was the gasket that needs changing, so the gasket was changed, (our regular mechanic was ill at the time). 

The truck went on a trip from Lagos to onitsha and on its way back broke down, everything possible to make it to lagos was done, on arrival to Lagos, it was checked over and the diagnosis by our regular mechanic was to replace the engine as too much pressure has been put on it due to faulty radiator, all i could think of was all this because of a mechanic who was incompetent, anyway, the engine and gear box cost 250 thousand naira, hiab rental to take the old one out and put the new one in cost 10 thousand naira, transportation of the engine to destination was 8 thousand naira, man power/handling cost 7 thousand, fuel and engine oil was needed which cost 10 thousand, the mechanic collected 2 thousand naira, The truck manager sold the old engine and gear box for 100 thousand naira.


The truck drivers are paid N20,000 a month and the assistants are paid N10,000 The manager is paid N10,000 a month per truck.


It's important to maintain the trucks, no fault is ignored, the servicing is done once a month at the rate of N10,000 (engine oil etc inclusive)

Recent conversion of a right hand truck to a left hand

Recently (11/03/08) , another truck  was bought to add to the previous ones, it was a right hand iveco, it cost N70,000 to convert.  

Picture of the Iveco

Apart from the conversion done at N70,000, 4 foot was also added to the box which cost N130,000 as the box that came with it was only 20 foot and 24 foot was the minimum requirement for the work it will be doing. Due to the extension of the back box the back tyres had to be moved further back (propellar was bought), springs had to bought to raise the 4 tyres as well, all this came to N90,000. Respraying cost N20,000, 2 front tyres was also bought, in most cases the front tyers regardless of the condition is always changed to brand new ones because of the long trips the trucks makes. 

The propellar had been fix but tyres hasn't been moved as of the time this picture was taken. See before picture below


Before picture of the Iveco truck

New addition of Mercedes 1617

A mercedes 1617 was bought just last week to add to the the ones already owned. Details of necessary alterations will follow shortly.




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