From personal experience it better to buy your own car, van, truck, pickup for breaking,rather than buy from the people that breaks them but that is if you have the time and resources though, The difference could exceed over £1000 depending on the project, in terms of your profit in Nigeria, that difference would even makes it more worthwhile for you if you save that amount.

Plan well

Before loading do your research thoroughly as there are differences between just making profits, making excellent profit and losing money.

Types and prices of breakings, pickups, vans and trucks are constantly changing in Nigeria, don't use the price list of someone that did it 6 months prior, use the help of someone in nigeria to help you acquire current prices, if destination is lagos, the warehouse at isolo and also ladipo is a good starting point. Also when prices are given to you, reduce it by 20% that will save a lot of disappointment as the dealers always give the best price when enquiring but reduce the price when buying, do your sums, see if it will be profitable for you, if not don't do it. For instance, i personally don't find loading of vans and pickups worthwhile, the profit there is not worth it for my husband and i, but just like most people, we started small with van loading, maximum breaking vans and pickups can take is 3, some vans and pickup like the D21 can only take 2 breaking, we actually only did one van then quickly moved up to trucks.

Decide on what to do

There are somethings you have to put into consideration i.e. time and finance. Do you have the time to source out your loading yourself, if not would it still be worthwhile for you if everything is bought from the breaker. Finance plays a major role as it is a deciding factor when it comes to what loading you would be doing i'e vans and pickups or trucks and container. And even when finance is not the issue, you should go for what you feel comfortable with for instance some people save up to do the trucks and container because of more instant profit while others prefares the vans and pickup as the  risk is minimum and doesn't require too much time to load as it could be done within a week as compare to the loading of a container or truck which could run into months. 

Try and reduce your cost

A typical example of loading a 17.5 or 18 ton truck with ten car and 3 pickups will set you back roughly about £16000 from start to finish (Depending on choice of cars, pickup and truck, this amount includes shipping and clearing) when you purchase everything from the breaker, but this amount will be significantly reduced to roughly about £13500 -£14000 if you make the purchases yourself, but you've got to have the time to source for the cars, pickups and the truck, also to pick them up and take it to the breakers yard, this is when your friends and family might come in handy, with small tipping, this will save you loads. The amount saves in terms of profit will surely make it more worthwhile  for you.

Don't let your profit be eaten away

Also when loading, it's important to be frequent at the yard so as to make sure every thing is loaded, as missing parts will reduce the amount it would be sold for, for instance let say the a head lamp of a car is missing, (one head lamp goes for roughly 5000 naira) and normally the complete breaking of that car goes for 150 thousand naira, with that head lamp missing you could be offered 130 thousand naira for that breaking, now let assumed one thing or the other is missing from all the ten cars loaded, that would be over 200 thousand naira loss of profit.

A complete breaking should include the following: 
Back axle
Four doors
shock absorbers
Propeller shaft
Front & back Light
Master break
Front grill
Front & back bumper

Car stereo

Electric Windows
Fuel pump
Cut out
shock absorbers
Battery etc

The Extra are not compulsory but it's wise to remind your breaker to include them in the loading for you as it will further boost your profit.

......... To be continue

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