Safety and security in the Nigerian home

It seems as if everyday, criminals discover new and even more daring ways to rob. Even though modern security equipment are available today, their efficiency is compromised if basic security measurements are not taken. Most of these are common sense. Though these are simple tips, they are often overlooked in the home. Below is a list of tips, which may protect you, your family and your property.

1. Fit a spy hole in your door to check callers and ensure that the light bulb that illuminates any guests is always working.

2. Never switch on a light in the hall when answering the main door.

3· Draw curtains or blinds at night to discourage people from looking into your home. 

4· If possible, fit a videophone in the house.

5· Ensure you have a list of emergency contact telephone numbers situated next to your telephone and if possible, store them in your phone(s) memory.

6· Fit a telephone extension into the master bedroom.

7· Try to convert a small room with no windows into a safe room for the family to run to in the event of a robbery. This room should be fitted with a mobile telephone or other means of obtaining help and should also be fitted with a security door.

8· Fit alarm systems throughout the house if you can. If activated by an intruder, it would allow enough time to enter the safe room with your family and summon assistance.

9· Develop a safety routine to be used by the family if the home is attacked and have regular practice runs. This should be taught in a way that does not frighten children.

10· All members of the family including domestic staff should be instructed to not to admit any visitors without first checking their identity.

11· Before hiring domestic staffs, it is essential that you carry out vetting and check references. If in doubt, do not employ them.

12· Never give your house keys to a workman. Always ensure that a member of the family or your staff is with them.

13· Garages should be well illuminated at night and fitted with an alarm.

14. Windows and Doors: Windows should be fitted with grills. Windows on upper floors should be fitted with grills that can be unlocked in emergencies.  All wooden outer doors should be replaced with metal security doors, which should be fitted with bolts, double mortise locks and spy holes.  Bedrooms should
be fitted with security doors.


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