Lekki Free Trading Zone

To develope an offshore economic growth zone, attract foreign investment, promote export, create job opportunties, minimise capital flight and establish a one step global business haven.

To engage directly in the economic development of Nigeria by providing a choice for investors in the most conducive free zone business environment that will be recorgnized for setting standard excellence.

Oil and Gas
Port and Transhipment
Hospitality and Real estate
Electrical and Electronics
Food and Agro Allied
Information and Communications Technology
Banking and Financial Services

As a model project for inter-governmental cooperation between China and Nigeria, Lekki Free Trade Zone adopts an integrated mode of both executive administration and economic management.

Specifically, as the sole executive administration of the zone, Lekki Free Trade Zone Development Company will consist of representatives from various relevant government departments of both China and Nigeria, including Customs authorities, the Lagos State Government, Nigeria Export Process Zone Authority (NEPZA), etc. so as to ensure the maximized granting of the preferential policies and incentives for the investors in the zone.

In respect of economic management, Paciantic Free Trade Zone Company will be the sole executive body responsible for the daily management and operation of Lekki Free Trade Zone, including but not limited to the planning, marketing, finance and investment, construction of infrastructure facilities etc. Meanwhile, the company is also empowered with the authority of approval of planning and construction, collecting all kinds of rational fees, such as land lease fee, export procedure fee, estate management fee and so on within the zone.

Economic Reform of Nigeria started since 1999 has improved the investment service environment and encouraged the private sector as the driving force for economic growth.

As a result, good achievements have been made in the privatization of heavily subsidized government owned enterprises in the fields of Energy, Telecom and Transportation.

Anti-corruption policy is being pursued by the Nigerian Government with commitment and vigor in order to achieve higher efficiency and better service of the government functional organizations. These reforms have resulted in transparency and openness in Nigeria economic development removed the bureaucratic obstacles that hindered the development of Private economic sector.

Nigeria's high level of openness and freedom abolition of restrictions on foreign ownership of business and free repatriation of foreign investment capital and profits, huge consumer market potential, rich energy resources and abundant human resources have made Nigeria one of the countries with highest profit yielding and investment returns in the world.

As the "economic capital" of Nigeria, Lagos is the economic, financial and trade hub of the country and West African. Located in the Southwest of Nigeria and along the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos covers an area of 3,345 square kilometers and has the costal line of 200 kilometers.

With a population of over 13 million, Lagos is classified as one of the "Mega-polis" of the world, and certainly one of the metropolitans equal to the size of Sao Paulo of Brazil, Bangkok of Thailand.

Lagos is the home of over 250 financial institutions and 95% of Nigeria banks and most multinational corporations operating in Nigeria have set up their headquarters in Lagos.

Lagos consumes over 60% of Nigeria's total energy. Also over 60% of Nigeria industrial and commercial establishments are based in Lagos.

Lagos accounts for 90% of Nigeria's total foreign trade, including 80% of the total imports, 70% of industrial investments in Nigeria.

Lagos has the highest vehicular traffic density among all cities in Africa and accounts for 75% of car ownership in Nigeria.

High prospects for Il, gas and Tar sand exploration and exploitation

" Lekki Free Trade Zone is located in the Lekki Penisula southeast of Lagos, Nigeria, which is to the south of Atlantic Ocean and to the north of Lekki Lagoon. It is a new city under development in Lagos State, and has emerged as one of the fastest developing new urban areas with an annual economic growth rate at 16.8%.

" Lekki Free Trade Zone covers an area of 165 square kms with a golden coastal line of 5 kilometers.

" Unique advantage of Lekki Free Trade Zone

" Enjoying the largest consumer market in Africa with over 500 million potential consumers in both Nigeria and the surrounding countries.

" Generating profit to its maximum extent by utilizing Nigeria's abundant natural resources such as oil, natural gas, timber, rubber, cocoa, Arabic gum, sesame seeds, fruits, etc.

" Favourable geological location from where to export products to the rest of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and America.

" Providing a perfect development platform for investors by using the company-oriented operation mode, the modern infrastructure of airport, sea port.


" Abundant land for industrial projects; planned construction of port, gas power plant, water plant, sewage treatment pant, standardized workshops, roads within the zone, etc.

" LEKKI-EPE Road available planned construction of the 80km long expressway linking Lekki and Lagos soon.

" The zone will be sealed by fencing walls with establishment of independent police station and posts, thus providing good security for the zone.


1. Pick up your application form for investment online or from the administration of Lekki free trade zone in Lagos or from the office of the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority in Abuja by payment of US$380.00 only.

2. Fill out and submit the application form attached with the project feasibility study to the administration of Lekki free trade zone or to the office of the Nigeria Export processing