Types of investment in Naija

There several ways to invest in Nigeria, the opportunities are endless as Naija is one of the world’s best open secret in terms of investment opportunities, it is the only place where you can invest, make good money and go away with almost 100% of profit, and is about the most active market in the world where events were happening on daily basis. Below are some few pointers i think are worthwhile.

There's money to be made in the transportation business in Naija, with good research and the right connection and supervision, you can break even in 6-8 months and returns after this will be pure profits.

Hotel/Guest House/B & B
I'm not suggesting competing with the first class hotels, but first class Serviced Flats, Guest House, B&Bs etc in major cities are worth considering if you have the funds, you don't need to build the building from scratch, you can always lease.

The establishment of Private Primary, Nursery and Secondary schools are one of the best investments in Naija today. It is worth considering if you have the funds, just like i stated above, you don't need to build the building when you first start, but why not if you can afford too, you can lease at first, then move to your own premises when you're well established.

Real Estate 
Real Estate is a profitable business worldwide, it can be very rewarding if you invest in the right place and area. Property values appreciate fast, property prices especially in Lagos Nigeria is constantly rising (see Real Estate section of this website). Investment of N3.5 million in ikota in 2004 is now worth over N12 million. 

Money Market, Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills: Another good way of investing, the risk can be high though but also can be worthwhile (the risk differs from one another) but the beauty with some of these option (e.g shares) is that no amount is too small to start with. If you don’t have the time or who aren’t sure about what stocks to pick etc, there are some very good performing mutual funds, for instance, IBTC'S. 

buying a farm can be a worthwhile investment

To be continued (Pls send your contributions, many thanks in advance.)

Don't let lack of funds stop you

Often, people complain of a lack of funds for their ideas. These people usually have really bright ideas that have the potential of making them millionaires overnight. However in most cases obtaining the funds to undertake these projects never happen.

For instance, someone might have thought of the idea of a modern cinema in Lagos long before Silver Bird came into existence, but was unable to finance the idea.

The problem often is that a lot of people are not willing to start on a smaller scale. Remember most successful entrepreneurs didn’t start off where they are today, rather they started small. This was the only way they could have sustained their dreams till they had more capital.

For instance if you are thinking of opening a nursery school but lack the funds to build or rent a proper premises, you could start a Day Care by using one of the rooms in your home, i know of someone who started a creche using a garage of a house, after several years, an investor took a chance on her because her creche was succesful, she went on to rent a duplex, she has now build her own premises. The key is never to loose sight of your vision and dreams. When you start small you have the advantage of keeping your idea and vision alive.